The Inception..


At last… after a lot of marathon I just had my first official blog running.

To be honest, I was never much interested in blogging (not even in micro-blogging, for that matter). I was really happy with my one liner Facebook status update. 🙂 But then again, I had a feeling in my mind that perhaps, I could write more than a mere status update.

For all these days I have heard a lot about these techie-terms like ‘blogosphere’, ‘blogroll’, ‘gravatar’ and what not.. and I must admit that all these catchy nomenclatures and the ever-expanding world of blogging had really made me inquisitive and I thought of setting up my own yacht and set out.

I do realize that expressing something and transforming one’s views into words is never an easy job. But not stepping out of your den is considered far more difficult (if that is a correct word) thing to handle, especially when you really want to see the world..

So I started off with setting up a profile, first, which was easy. Thanks to WordPress!! 🙂 But, then came the ugly part. What should I write??? Wait a minute… didn’t I want to write about a bunch of things??? Then why can’t I choose a single topic to write? What has happened to all my ideas? What is going on???

Then it struck my mind. Soon I realized that the dilemma was the consequence of my research. It was all those blogs that I have read so far to get to get to know how to write a blog. All of them had emphasized on two major points: Content & Style. I don’t blame them. Being established in blogosphere (Wow, see, I’m getting used to the terms..:P), they can afford to think about content and style. But I am a freshmen. I need to know myself (as a writer), first, and then focus on the content and style. Luckily, I was discussing this with one of my close friends who had encountered the similar problem when she had started. She made me realize that I can write about anything I want, just to start and I decided to pick this experience as the first one. Off course, this is how the inception starts for most of us, if not all, ain’t it?

I’m sure that not everybody will concur with my opinion. But, all I want is to express my views and suggest the new-comers that the only way to establish yourself is to start. Rest will fall into places. Just make sure your content adds some value to the society. I guess, that is my takeaway after all the digging I had done, so far. Now, I invite you to fill the gaps with your feedback… 🙂


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