Drone, A New Era Frankenstein??? Somebody Likes To Differ…

English: InView Unmanned Aircraft for use in s...

Drone….Unmanned (Combat) Air Vehicle…

In last few years, this has become a household term. Thanks to the War against terrorism and the War for aggression (I don’t think I can come up with any other categories). History states that the first recorded drone attack was done in the middle of 19th century when Austria attacked Venice with unmanned balloons loaded with explosives. Since then the world had experienced a great acceleration in the experiments on this technology and all the achievements were boasted by unnumbered drone attacks in WWI, Cold War, Vietnam War…..blah blah blah…

Modern era UAVs are not considered toys anymore. Having the power of carrying nuclear weapons while still being able to keep up the stealth, they are becoming new avatars of mass destruction.

Not going much deep into the explanation and examples of the super destructive power of the modern era drones. After Afgan war, it has been evident that drone is becoming the obvious option for all the future battles. No soldiers, only toys. Oops!!!!.. I mean weapons.

But today, I’m not here to glorify its’ destructive flair. Although, the Gulf war and recent Afgan War has showcased the dark side of these remote-controlled vehicles, well enough, still they have earned some good reputation, too. Thanks to some organizations like ‘Matternet’.

Few days back, I was reading some online journals and it caught my eyes. The reason was strong enough: “Andreas Raptopoulos with his team at Matternet is working on creating a network of drones that will operate like the internet”. I knew that a proposal of using UAVs as a cheap alternative to satellite for climatic analysis had already been made as a part of new age atmospheric research but using them in data communication and that too, for world-wide-web? Mr. Raptopoulos and his team immediately earned my respect.

Not sure, how many people know this, but Matternet has already successfully implemented this fabulous technology in delivering medical supplies to places in need. This shows that the ability to identify human body from about 10,000 ft of above the sea using infrared camera can also be used in constructive way.

In today’s world, there is a huge demand of UAV technology, not only for killing people, but for being an ideal search and rescue tool. Several government and private agencies are also keen to use it as a courier service to deliver packages where there are no roads or to monitor situations in a place which is beyond human reach. Even, there are proposals to use drones more widely in agriculture field, too.

Good to see that drones no longer evolve only fear. But also brings the omen of prosperity and life. Probably, the name of Matternet’s sister organization (Non-Profit), ‘Drones4Good’ rightly justifies this dusk-to-dawn turning… 🙂

What do you think???


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